Tools We Use at Databoy Pro Sites

What are some of the cool resources we use on our creative projects and client websites? Glad you asked! We’ve prepared a list just for you. It’s not comprehensive, but we plan to make it pretty close to that.


Canva – We use Canva for nearly everything in terms of design.

Favicon Generator – Use this to create a favicon for your site in less than a minute.

Squoosh – Compress images and change their format to WebP.


Zoho Books – Comprehensive way to manage basically everything about your accounting. We’ve been using this for a while, and chances are we’ll keep at it for a while longer.

Lano – Used by 100,000+ freelancers, Lano puts simple, beautiful, and professional accounting tools at your fingertips. Who doesn’t want that?

Free Invoice Builder – Great way to create your first invoice in minutes, for free!

More stuff is on the way ..

Stay tuned!

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